Lies Young Women Believe

I just wanted to let everyone know that I just started the Bible study "Lies Young Women Believe". So far, I really like it and I would love for anyone to join me! Let me know if you're interested. Before you pick up the book and start reading it, though, I must warn you that there is some PG-13 content in there, but it is obviously addressed in a Biblical way. You could just skip that if you have to....here's a link to the website: www.liesyoungwomenbelieve.com


Friends of Narnia said...

Sounds good. :) Oh...PG-13...the book's rated?? Or is that just kinda describing it? So would you say it's okay to read that or not? I mean how bad is it?

averagegirl said...

Well, there are just some topics addressed that you may not know about. My mom went ahead and told me, and the things were awful and disgusting, but I suppose you have to learn those things at some time. :( It's really up to your parents.

Friends of Narnia said...

Okay. Thanks for the warning. :)