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A poem I wrote...

This is a poem I wrote. I'm not really sure what kind of poetry it's supposed to be. It started out as free blank verse, but didn't work out that way. It is supposed to be read the way blank verse would be read, though- short, long, short, long, short, long, short, long, short, long.

Someday, Today

By Madeline

A haggard child shivers in the night

She makes her bed beneath a blanket worn

The child, she shivers for the cold and fright

Of never knowing what might lurk in shadowy forms

She hopes the morn brings food to eat, then sleeps

I see a boy who hides within the bush

A heavy weapon weighs upon his shoulder

By his appearance I would guess that he was ten

But somehow this young boy became a soldier

‘Twas taken from his family to be a soldier

A helpless infant buried softly cries

She is alive but no one holds the child

A woman has abandoned her sweet babe

She may not ever be loved by a mother

But soon she will be held by a compassionate Father

An orphaned girl mothers a sickly boy

She cannot find a scrap of food to feed the child

A sly and scheming man will offer to employ

Her for a loaf of stale bread as her wage

She does not realize that she’ll nev’r escape

Evil thoughts churn in the mind of a youth

Who never even had a chance to earn his way

Crime seems to be the only way he’s able

To make enough to gain a decent pay

For desperate acts the boy will soon be paid

Who will help these poor children learn to hope?

Will justice ever come in this despondent time?

If no one else will go I know I must

In His good grace I’ll go and in His mercy trust

I’ll show them where to find the greatest Hope

Someday the haggard child’s belly will be filled

She will be warm and she will sweetly sleep

Perhaps she’ll have a home to call her own

I’ll tell her that it is the Father’s will

For her to live forever in His home

I see a day when boys can laugh and play

And never worry themselves with jobs of men

They’ll hear “A mighty fortress is our God.”

And never have to fear what’s ‘round the bend

Their deepest trust will always be in Him

A baby will be rescued and held tight

In a mother’s warm and welcoming arms

She’ll grow up knowing that she is so loved

By so many, but especially One

He loves her jealously, oh, how He loves!

Someday the helpless girl will be discovered

Then justice will be brought to her exploiter

But, oh, if we had been there earlier

He never would have had the chance to hurt her

But now we’ll trust the Savior to heal her

I see the many years of deep regret

In the wrinkled brow of a man in prison

He thinks he’ll nev’r be able to pay his debt

But I will tell him that I know he can

For Jesus tells us to forgive then to forget

Someday I’ll teach these poor children to hope

And help to bring them justice, peace, and love

If no one else will go I know I must

In His good grace I’ll go and in His mercy trust

I’ll show them where to find the greatest Hope

And now I sit here pensive at my desk

With thoughts about the future in my head

But even as I write these very words

A dear and precious child now is dead

I cannot only sit here writing words

What can I do, O, Lord what can I do?

As children are in bondage every hour

I cannot sit here, Lord, O, I must not!

But if I move, the question, Lord, is how

I’m ready to move, I only must know how

Oh, how can I teach poor ones Jesus’ love

As we are living worlds and worlds apart?

For I am sure I must do something now

For hurting ones all I can do is pray

‘Til I can go meet them someday anon



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