Poetry Contest

Ever been interested in poetry? Do you enjoy reading the Psalms in your Bible, or want to express your thanks and love towards God? Express yourself through our first Above Rubies Contest- a poetry contest in which you must write a poem in worship to God. You can use a Psalm as a model, but please make sure you use your own words. I won't be writing one until after the contest, so I and some of my family members will be judging you work. Whoever wins gets a virtual trophy and bragging rights. Fun stuff. Start writing!

(Post your poem as a comment on this post.)


Friends of Narnia said...

I'll have to think... :) I really have to be inspired. ;D I can't just sit down and decide to write something... :)

Friends of Narnia said...


Saving grace, wondrous, free;
Atoning blood He shed for me.
Victorious over the very grave,
It was me He came to save.
Oh, so evil though I be,
Righteousness He gives to me.

-Queen Lucy

Friends of Narnia said...

It spells Savior if you didn't figure that out. ;)

Madeline said...

Well, Lucy, it looks like you might be the winner if nobody else signs up... :) Pretty poem.

Lexi Lou said...

I am not a poetry writer... I have written some poems though, I will need to think on that one for a little bit. I need to have inspiration... I will think for a little while and if I come up with anything I will write it down!

Lexi Lou said...

Ok, here is my poem. This was a great idea Madeline! I have never really written poetry, and this isn't really a very good poem, but I had such a wonderful time writting it!

Your Face

There is a day coming
when I will see Your face, when Your goodness will be all around me
I know that place.
Oh, to be able to gaze apon the beauty of The LORD
To dwell with you
Oh, to be able to see your face
I know that place.

There, Your voice from the throne shouts:
"Now the dwelling of God is with men, and he will live with them."
There is a better day coming, I have no doubt.

I know that place, it is the place where,
from God's face I will not hide
but, where I may seek the Lord, and with Him abide.

Here on Earth, no one may see Your face and live,


In that place,

I will see Your face!

In our family Bible study we just read about Moses and how the Lord passed in front of him, but how God covered him with His hand because he could not see the face of the Lord and live. Well I got to thinking, in heaven we will be able to see the Lord's face and still live! So because of that thought, I wrote the poem about how I will see the Lord's face in heaven. The part in quotes is from Revelation 21:3, and I used Exodus 33:12-23 and Psalm 27:4-9.

Lexi Lou said...


I really love your poem! It is so short and sweet and a nice reminder of what Jesus did for us on the cross when he died!

-Lexi Lou

Friends of Narnia said...

Oh Lexi, I LOVE yours! That is so beautiful. lol, I just sent you an email and in it I said that you needed to remedy the fact that I was the only one who had written a poem for the contest. :P Guess I haven't been checking on here consistently... :P

Lexi Lou said...

haha, and I replied and said that you obviously hadn't been on the blog and seen my poem. Haha, if only we had gotten on here first then that wouldn't have happened. Oh well. That's funny!

Queen Lucy (I'm being lazy :P) said...

lol, that IS funny cause I just replied to YOUR email and said that I had commented!!! :P :P

Madeline said...

Hi Girls! Sorry, I haven't been on here for a while. I've been kinda busy with since the middle of July, but I am finally back! Well, since there were only 2 submissions and they are both excellent I don't think it's necessary to choose a winner- you both glorified God through your work and now you have inspired me!