Please post entries for our very first Above Rubies e-magazine! This can include short stories, poems, tips and ideas, songs, photographs, etc. I'm really looking for anything here. There's no limit to what you can post. If you are having trouble, the theme of the magazine is going to be "All About Love" - not mush love...God's love! So, hope that helps. Get writing girls! :)


Sarah said...

This is a song I wrote:

Your Love
Verse 1
Jesus, precious Jesus, love is in this
Jesus, mighty, holy God as You paid for my sin
Jesus, Savior, Maker, and Friend
You gave me a beginning, when all I saw was the end

Your love has opened my eyes
Your love gave me new eyes for Christ
Your love held me as my heart broke inside
When You showed me the cross where You died
Calvary, where Jesus paid my price

Verse 2
The star shone so brightly on the eve of that day
When the Light of the world would come, chase the darkness away
Precious Baby, born on that night
One day would go to a cross for me and die

Verse 3
Bloodied hands, flesh torn by the whip
Thorns in Your brow, by this You brought me in
Pain rightfully mine that You took instead
Abandoned by all as You paid my debt

To hear the song go to www.Christ-likelife.blogspot.com, to the post marked "Your Love" in February.

Madeline said...

Pretty song! Perfect for the theme of this month's e-magazine!