Feelin' Feminine

Hello girls! I just wanted to tell you about a site I found called Feelin' Feminine! It's a really cool site with all sorts of ideas about how to be feminine in this day and age, and I've found a lot of the stuff quite helpful! We should be feminine, not feminists, and embrace God's plan for women! It's not that we can't do anything, that we aren't capable, or that we're dumb!!! NO WAY!!!!!! That is not the truth at all! Listen to what it says in Genesis 2:18: "The LORD God said, 'It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.'" We are an important part of creation, just like men. But we are meant to be helpers, to encourage our brothers and fathers, and some day our husbands. In this world feminine girls are sometimes thought of as silly, or prissy, or weird. But there is such beauty in embracing our femininity! When I look at a picture of a medival woman in "King Arthur", or a woman in the civil war era, I see a beauty that has been almost lost in this world. Women don't like being women. But we should be happy with how God made us, and be who He planned us to be!! "It is not good for man to be alone." Well, if we try to stop being womanly, then it's almost like man is alone! God made men and women so that together they reflect His attributes! And this doesn't mean we can't run, play soccer, or climb trees! I do all those things, and I wear skirts probably fifty percent of the time, or more. I don't think it's wrong to wear pants, some activities require it (although nearly all can be done in skirts :). But I find that when I wear a skirt I am reminded more of my role, that I am a young woman. I feel more, well, feminine! :) So I challenge you to wear skirts/dresses for one week. I did it, it is the Feelin' Feminine challenge, and I loved it! So girls, please always remember that we are blessed to be young women, and that God has a beautiful plan for us. NEVER be ashamed to be feminine! :)



Miss Jocelyn said...

I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed your visit at the site! What a blessing for me and all the other writers, and what a testimony of His love.

Miss Jocelyn, founder/publisher FF

Lexi Lou said...


That is very good insight! You are right, we are different from men and we don't have to be like them. We, as women, are their help mates and I believe in scripture it says we are the weaker, or lesser partners (I don't remember the exact words so someone could correct me on that :D)..... we should embrace being a girl. I think that we can still be feminine without wearing a skirt... but there is nothing wrong with it and I think that it is more feminine to wear one.

Friends of Narnia said...

Oh, I totally agree that you can be very feminine without wearing a skirt. I know some wonderful women who I look up to and who are very feminine, but who don't wear skirts all the time. :) And of course, you too. :D

Lexi Lou said...

Haha, right! I like skirt though, there are some REALLY PRETTY ones out there. I have one that I really like, I wore it last Sunday. It is got a neat pattern, and the fabric has a cool design, and it had green and blue in it! yeah, my favorite colors!