Yay for Kutless and yay for me!

Yay! I finally made some time to get on here. I am so glad to be back and honestly get more fulfillment from being encouraged by you girls than being on Facebook, playing a computer game, watching TV, etc. I really appreciate how many godly girls I can see (even if they don't live next door) pouring their hearts out for Christ. Sometimes I can feel so alone in the good decisions that I make and my separation from worldly things, but everyone on this site is so encouraging!

Also, I apologize for stalling the the Christian music showdown. I'm sure everybody now knows for sure that Kutless is the winner this time around. I think I'll have to redo the first one (Barlow Girl vs. Francesca Battistelli), so I will have to for you to vote on. Please vote and I will try to get on here more often! Thanks for your encouragement!


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