beauty and a french word

Hello everybody,

Etiquette sounds old world doesn't it? when I think of etiquette I think of "how to bow to the queen" and "which fork two use first when you have over a dozen." and honestly I don't ever think I'll be in one of those situations. I'll never bow to a queen and I usually don't have more then two utensils at my seat at the same time. In fact I don't really get out of the house that often. The only people I see on a regular basics are just my family and c'mon there family I don't have to use poshy manners around them.

Okay, you get the point right? Manners, or etiquette, are important even in the home. if you don't quite get me give it a tad more thought and then come back here.

ready? good. So your probably wondering why I'm filing this post under beauty tip. Well have you ever heard the expression. "she has beautiful manners" catch the word beautiful. her manners are, as seen in the statement, beautiful. There's so much more to being beautiful then having silky hair or slender fingers. and one of those things are manners. In fact the state of the manners of a young lady can enhance or detract from her beauty in a obvious way.

a beautiful voice is nothing if the young lady insists on interrupting. beautiful fingers are made unattractive when they are used instead of a fork.

So you probably know how to use good manners. this stuff is probably old news. But do you use them? everyday even with you own family? especially with your own family? being beautiful at home is the first step to staying beautiful when you walk out your front door.

a bunches of love

Miss Kate

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