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Recently, I have been reading through bestselling author Leslie Ludy's Set Apart Femininity- by far the best Christian book I've read in a long time. In fact, it has changed my view on my Christian faith, especially concerning my prayer life. For those of you who have read through Nehemiah, you know that Nehemiah was rebuilding the wall around Israel- as he did so, the enemy attacked, but because the people of Israel were vigilant, they watched over the city. In Set Apart Femininity, Leslie has been talking about how our lives should be fortified with a wall to protect ourselves from Satan's temptations and lies. However, sometimes there can be breaches in our walls- places where we are openly allowing sin into our lives and doing nothing about it! Well, I knew that I needed to figure out what those breaches in my wall were and do something about them. I want a whole, fortified wall that will protect me from all sorts of evil. I want a peaceful relationship with my Lord! Well, I am a very visual person- maybe someone else out there is too- so I decided to draw a picture in my Bible time this morning to illustrate the breaches in my wall. Then I planned to pray afterwards. But as I started to list all of the breaches in my wall, it kind of scared me to see all of the places the enemy was being allowed in my life. I felt like I needed to fortify my wall! So, God lead me to cover the wall in scripture verses that are hidden in my heart and the result was amazing! After I had written the scriptures, I felt so safe and protected by God's authority and strength in my life. The verses were literally spilling over my wall and there were only a very few spaces left. Below is an illustration of part of my wall. I encourage you to draw a wall- trust me, it doesn't have to be fancy!- and fill it with a list of the breaches you are allowing into your life. You can include pretty much anything that is hindering your happiness and your relationship with God. Then cover it in scriptures- they can be ones you know, or you could look some up. If you need help finding any, you can search a key word at blueletterbible.com. Let me know how it goes. I would love to hear if this was a useful tool to you! I'll be praying that you will be able to see the breaches in your wall and that with the grace of God you would fortify your wall and that God would protect you from the enemy.


Friends of Narnia said...

That's a really good idea, Madeline! Wow, it really shows how much we are unperfect!!! I should do that... But we have a great Wall Builder who will help us patch our walls if only we ask Him!! Our God is SO awesome!


Madeline said...

Well said, Lucy! 'Cause we all know we can't do it on our own!