How can a jar of pennies make a difference???

It can make a difference here:

It can make a help women like this:


It can be used to purchase items from stores who give a percentage of their profit to charity like these: Known to Me

It can provide water for thirsty children like this.

Water 4 Christmas

It can sponsor a child through World Vision.

Now, what about that penny you passed by on the sidewalk? What about the penny hiding under your couch cushion or wedged between seats in your car? What about the fifty pennies you spent on a soda today? What about the 200 pennies you used to buy a cup of decaf at the cafe this morning? What about the 1000 pennies you spent on a new t-shirt? What about the 20000 pennies you spent on a new iPod? Do you see how that money could so impact someone in need somewhere in the world...and yet, we say, "It's just a penny."


Maggie said...

What an amazing idea! I can't wait to see your ideas on this. Maybe to help get the word out you could start a group on Facebook or something, that could get the word out nation wide!


Madeline said...

What a great idea, Maggie! I've thought about that a lot- I think I am going to try to develop my idea a little bit more (maybe make a video, a blog, etc.), then I would be really excited to start a Facebook page! Anything you can do to spread the word about my idea would really be appreciated, whether it be telling a friend or putting a penny jar in your church- any little thing counts! Thanks Maggie!