A Princess

A little less than a year ago, a couple of my friends and I decided to watch the extras on the movie The Fellowship of the Ring. We watched everything about the filming, the costumes, and the actors. But the longest segment, and probably the most interesting, was the actors talking about what the process of making the movie was like for them. We were enjoying hearing about interesting cooking experiences, waking up at 5am, getting to fly over the mountains of New Zealand, and so forth, when something was said that caught my ear. They were talking about Liv Tyler, the actress who played the Elvish princess, Arwen, in the movie. She was in the movie in certain parts, but they were far apart, and so Liv would simply fly to New Zealand whenever she was needed for a shot, instead of staying there for weeks on end for no reason. So they were talking and joking about it, and talking about her role, and everything, when Elijah Wood (Frodo) said something that made me perk up. She was talking about how all the guys were so nice to her, and how she was the only girl actor there, when Elijah Wood said: "She was our princess." He said how, she being the only woman, she was like their princess, and they loved her for it. But I thought that was cool. Just think about it: men need princesses. Women have a beautiful role in life, and I would not trade it for the world. I love the quote I posted a few weeks ago, from the book Caddie Woodlawn. Women have such a special role. But it really struck me that even actors, who are often not the most upright people in the world, really think that way in their hearts. They see it too.

Just think...
Our role is so beautiful!
Let's try to be strong women, God-honoring women, kind women, loving women, womanly women. Let's show the world that we can be strong... AND be virtuous women.


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