Plato's Allegory of the Cave

My friend Amanda was showing this to me the other day. I was scared about a change in my life, and she told me about this... It really helps. Thoughts, anyone?

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Madeline said...

I don't know if you interpret this the same way I do, but isn't it true that in different times in our life, we interpret things different ways to meet our needs? Something can be so encouraging to me one day that was meaningless the day before. :)

The way I see this is...OK, God has done a LOT in my life in the past year...I can't really say this without "bragging" even though that's not my attitude...but there are a lot of girls in my life who are making unwise choices that I feel I should clearly not be making. I am so thankful that God has opened my eyes to these things! So I feel like I was in chains and I have been freed from the cave, praise be to God! But when I try to explain these things to my friends, or give them my example, they just don't understand that living in the outside world is so much better. They can't see me clearly! But I can't let that make me doubt my beliefs. I can't make me doubt that it is a silly choice not to read certain books, watch certain movies, wear certain clothes, etc.

Thanks for sharing TeaSue! It's really an encouragement! :D