Book Review: The Princess Adelina by Julie Sutter

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Located in 8th century Germany, this account based on a true story is both inspirational and challenging. When young Adelina, the daughter of an Iona missionary to Germany, is orphaned at seventeen, she is truly tested in her faith! From dealing with the loss of her mother to a marriage proposal from Herzog Hedan, the heathen ruler of her region, her path is filled with difficulties. The Scriptures say that we should not yolk ourselves with unbelievers...but if she does not accept the Herzog's offer, Christian freedom in Germany may be in great danger. Join Adelina as she struggles to make the right choices and glorify God in every decision.


  • For me, this was an easy book to read. The print is relatively large and there is a good amount of space between each paragraph. I didn't feel like I was getting lost in the book. (Don't know why, but that helps me a lot!)
  • The book gives a great history of the early church and its beliefs without being too boring.
  • Adelina is a wonderful example as a Christian young lady for those of us in a culture where all true beauty seems to be lost.

  • The book is written in somewhat old-fashioned language, which makes it a bit hard to follow.
  • Although this is supposedly a true story, I thought it ended to much like a children's fairytale...you know, that "happily ever after" stuff?
Overall, I thought this was a great, quick read. I was pulled in almost immediately. The Christian values and morals in this book are right on and the ancient art of respect that the characters express is challenging.

Star rating (out of 5): 3 1/2!!!!!


Friends of Narnia said...

Funny... I got this for Christmas! =) I'm only about one chapter in... it is slightly difficult to read in some parts, just because of the way it is written. ;) But I like it. =)

Madeline said...

Yes, it is a little bit difficult to read, but it gets easier as it goes. I got it for Christmas too! :) Now I want to read Scottish Chiefs...