“We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death.”

1 John 3: 14

My sister was mean. That was all there was to it. She had hurt me verbally all evening, and now I couldn’t bear it any longer. I was lying on my bed crying into my comforter feeling bruised and cheated.

Why had she suddenly started insulting me? Well, to answer that we have to go to way back to that afternoon before supper. I had unconsciously insulted her; I called her immature. She’d taken offence and asked why, and I’d gone on and on about all the ways she had wasted her day. Even so, why would that make her angry? After all I was merely pointing out her flaws, so she could correct them right? Wrong, looking back, I realized I wasn’t trying to build my sister up indeed the opposite I was intentionally breaking her down. The words I choice were not to encourage her and help her but to make her feel bad I wanted her confidence shattered.

My words earlier that day had brooded inside my sister for a while. however I had been oblivious. I now realize that taking action immediately after the offence would have saved both of us a lot of tears, anger, and damage to our relationship.

I stopped crying and sat up. A bible was in my devotional bag, and I reached for it hopping for something to give me comfort. I don't remember what I looked up in the concordance, but whatever it was it lead me to John three. I read the Chapter. At first only seeing the ways my sister’s actions didn't meet up to the requirements here, but then I read the verse above. "We know that we have passed from death unto life because we love the brethren." And then I began to wonder how am I dealing with this any different than an unbeliever would? Am I being a good example of an older sister? Am I even trying?

I was surprised at what I found and immediately went to God in pray.

God convicted me to go and apologize for the way I was behaving and for being such a poor example as I older sister. Let me tell you apologizing isn't easy. It's not in our nature to admit being wrong and humble yourself to the point of asking others for forgiveness. However, it must be done. Arguments, hurtful words and actions those things will start to build up and deteriorate your friendship

With God's grace, I could apologize to my sister and our relationship didn't bounce back it got better! God is an awe-inspiring supplier of everything good and sometimes the hardest situations are the happiest day of your life.

In Christ



Friends of Narnia said...

Wow, that's really an encouragement, Kate. :) Thanks for sharing! It takes courage to admit your faults, I know, but it's amazing how God can use stories like that to show others their sins, and how they need to deal with them! God meant brothers and sisters to love each other, but it's so easy NOT to get along. Thanks. :)


Kate said...

Why did my name blow up like that?

Friends of Narnia said...

I think it looks cool. :)

averagegirl said...

Good job Kate! Wait to go for humbly addressing the issue- that's not an easy thing to do!