E-magazine...for real this time...

Alright, no matter how many people are interested, I'd really like to do Above Rubies' e-magazine sometime soon. I already have a beautiful song written by one of our readers and I'm stilling looking for reader contributions (ideas, stories, poems, songs, pictures...whatever!) I would also like to highlight a "Ruby of the Month" in the e-magazine. If you are interested in being the "Ruby of the Month", please answer one of the following questions in a comment. If I choose you, I will follow up with more questions- you don't have to be anyone amazing to be chosen. I just want to be encouraged by other teen girls seeking Christ! So don't be shy- I want:

  • Can you share your testimony?
  • Have you had an experience (mission trip, traumatic event, etc.) that has completely changed your life?
  • What is the most important thing for you as a teen girl pursuing Christ?
  • Who is your role model?
  • Is there something unique about your life that you'd like to share?
If you dont' want to answer one of these prompts, but would still like to be "Ruby of the Month" feel free to just give some information about yourself!



Sarah said...

Let's see...I guess I'll answer the question about life-changing experiences.

In July of 2009 I went on a missions trip with my youth group to Denver, CO. To say it was life-changing is an understatement. I did a series of posts on it at my blog, but to sum it all up, I really learned the importance of stepping out in faith and trusting Christ to do His will in everything we did in Denver. I'd never shared my faith with anyone before that, and it was a continual time of taking my fears and worries to God and trusting Him to take care of it all.

Madeline said...

Thank you, Sarah! That is a really cool story. I had a similar experience like that a few years ago on a mission trip. I'd love to share my story too! Here are some questions I have for you. You can respond by emailing me at notyouraveragegirl4002@gmail.com (sorry, I know it's long- it was the name of my old blog...):

Tell us a little bit about yourself-

What did you do on your mission trip? (e.g. Where did you stay, what activities did you have on your agenda, etc.)

What was the best thing about the trip?

What was the hardest thing about the trip?

What was it like to share your faith? I know that would be very scary for me- How did you overcome those fears?

What was the most important lesson you learned on the trip?

Do you plan to go on any mission trips in the future?

I understand that is a lot of questions! If you don't want to answer all of them, feel free to just choose 2-3. The answers don't have to be long.